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Buck The Quo

A statewide campaign to convince Idaho teens to continue learning after high school.

Role: Strategy & Positioning, Identity, Copywriting, Video, Photography, Media Planning, Social & Community Management, Guerrilla Marketing.

In 2015, Idaho ranked dead last for “go-on” rate: the percentage of high school graduates who went on to further education, be it college, trade school, apprenticeships or others.

The J.A. & Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation hired Drake Cooper Advertising to create a disruptive viral campaign that would target Idaho teens in their small rural communities. As a member of the first-response team, I helped craft strategy, design branding, and identify viral tactics that would effectively resonate through the state. We also crafted an in-person experiential walk-through element which was placed at five Idaho fairgrounds. The space enabled over 12,000 teens to have meaningful, one-on-one conversations with near-peer advocates, as well as providing the J.A. & Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation direct source material on the perspective of the teens. The in-person chats focused on inspiring students to identify goals and visualize how to achieve them, while pushing a message of ‘gritty determination.’