In 2018, I was part of a 3-man team helping to push wheelchair-enabled athlete Kim to her first full marathon finish!

Justin Does Triathlon

I believe passion projects are crucial to personal success and development. If I can’t challenge myself to be creative in my spare time, how could I expect to be creative professionally?

In 2017, I set out with a goal: Overcome my fear of the camera and share my love of triathlon with those who are looking to break into the sport. Although I have no desire to be ‘internet famous,’ I was aware that triathlon content was an under-satisfied niche on YouTube. Often featured on bucketlists and hypotheticals, the sport can be very intimidating to beginners. My goal was simply: bring a friendly, consistent face to the sport, document my own experiences, and share encouragement with those looking to try it out.

Along the way, I faced the same growing brand challenges as with any digital client: finding a brand voice, a visual development, audience identification and more. Since inception, my videos have amassed more than 250,000 views, and I’m personally rewarded by the growing community of encouraging viewers.

3 hours in 35 degrees+rain is always a tough ask. Today I'm talking running and triathlon motivation and what gets me off the couch on days like this.